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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Touchscreens, zoomable maps, page swiping, and more, all integrated into one Eames-chair-equipped media room." MIT, late '70s, and noted by Andy Hertzfeld as a direct influence for the original Macintosh. Fantastic story by The Verge. Favourite part: even back then, there was concern among the scientists that the touch screen page flipping animation was frivolous.
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by M.Onty on Fri 25th May 2012 10:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Cool Article..."
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But given we are not using any more papyrus or parchment rolls, but switched to multi-paged books (even though the spine is difficult to make), I guess the best form factor has already been determined by a few centuries of experience by book printers.

The only reasons for the switch from scrolls to books was that the former was less easy to search through and more susceptable to damage due to constant rolling and unrolling. Neither applies today, so maybe scrolling is the way forward.

Personally, I hope not. I can never help but fiddle to keep the current paragraph in the centre of the screen, given the option. Please still my twitching finger; gimmee fixed pages.

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