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Legal Dish' DVR has an 'auto-hop' feature, which automatically skips commercials on recorded TV. Fox is now suing Dish over this feature, because they claim it will destroy the business model of ad-driven television. "We were given no choice but to file suit against one of our largest distributors, Dish Network, because of their surprising move to market a product with the clear goal of violating copyrights and destroying the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television ecosystem," said Fox. This is the photographic film industry suing digital camera makers. It's so utterly absurd I can hardly believe it's for real.
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I'll just say, Fox probably hates me anyway, because I have never once subscribed to broadcast TV and I have absolutely no plans to in the future. Their programming can rot for all I care.

Thanks Fox, you've just fueled my hatred towards broadcast television. ;)

The only communications services I need are cell phone and the Internet... Fox can go suck an ad-infested d*** on their already-overpriced-yet-ad-laden channels. I wonder if I'll get sued for going to take a shit during the commercial break of Fox News over at my cousin's house? After all, when he has it on, I'm not really paying much attention to it myself anyway.

FOX is free to watch. They make money by being paid from the advertisers. One does not subscribe to broadcast TV. No one is paying to watch FOX. If you do not have cable/satellite service, you still pick up FOX on your TV. You subscribe to Cable or Satellite, you do not subscribe to broadcast TV.

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