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Legal Dish' DVR has an 'auto-hop' feature, which automatically skips commercials on recorded TV. Fox is now suing Dish over this feature, because they claim it will destroy the business model of ad-driven television. "We were given no choice but to file suit against one of our largest distributors, Dish Network, because of their surprising move to market a product with the clear goal of violating copyrights and destroying the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television ecosystem," said Fox. This is the photographic film industry suing digital camera makers. It's so utterly absurd I can hardly believe it's for real.
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These are the same guys who are about to drop AMC, IFC, We TV, and any other channels from this same company because they charge too much according to the dish network company. Yet when I call to complain about this the tech support drone from India can't grasp the concept that I'm not happy about the impending loss of these channels, which is the only reason I am suscribed at the top 200 package level so I can watch The Walking Dead when it's on... (When you tell me I'm not going to lose a channel, and can't explain to me why the channels that I'm going to lose no longer show up on any of the programming levels on the website, I'm not going to believe you). You can look for Dish to drop local programming as an option very soon. As soon as I can cancel my service with them without having to pay the ETF I'm switching over to U-verse.

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