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Google Google CEO Larry Page was interviewed on Charlie Rose recently, and there was certainly some interesting stuff in there. Sadly, the interview suffers from the curse of modern journalism in that it was all a bit timid and civil (no truly harsh and confronting questions), but despite that, it's still a good watch. Two quotes from Page really stood out to me.
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RE[6]: are you kidding?
by galvanash on Fri 25th May 2012 18:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: are you kidding?"
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Again with the stock market! It's all smoke and mirrors. When will you learn? You even mentioned what HP had to sacrifice in order to get those stock market "gains". Where can HP go after that?

Smoke and mirrors... I hate to tell you but the job of a CEO of a publicly traded company is to make money for its investors, and well, that is it really. If you don't make them more money they fire you. The people who own the stock own the company. If you feel bad about what happened to HP you should blame HP (as in Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard) - no one put a gun to their head and made them go public...

The old HP was a prestigious technology company with a reputation for focusing on products and engineering. I miss it, but it is mostly for nostalgic reasons. I don't honestly think that company would have survived past 2005 intact and neither do most. I would still be missing HP had Carly not come along because it would have went out of business long ago (or been bought by someone else who probably would have done worse).

So what exactly was sacrificed? Carly isn't to blame for HP's current problems. She grew HP's PC division, and it eventually became the largest in the world. It was Leo that decided to try and kill the golden goose...

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