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In the News "Dozens of teachers specialising in computer science are to work in English schools thanks to a partnership between Google and the charity Teach First. Google's chairman Eric Schmidt said money would also be provided to buy 'teaching aids, such as Raspberry Pi's or Arduino starter kits'. He said that without investment in the subject, the UK risked 'losing a generation' of scientists." My Raspberry Pi should arrive via UPS today, assuming they don't mess up. I'll try and get a few photos and first impressions up if it does arrive.
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The plan is to train computer teachers then send them off to the schools with a pocket full of budget to buy equipment. The Pi is one potential option they may spend that budget on.

Microsoft could simply continue the practice of swooping in with a truck load of hardware to donate complete computer labs.

Pi @ 35$ > MS donations @ 0$

I think it would be a travesty if MS did such a thing just to keep the "get them early" loyalty program going but it has been there usual response to schools choosing other branding.

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