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Opera Software Pocket-lint has a rumour up that Facebook is interested in acquiring Opera to kickstart their own move into the browser market, to compete with Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft. While it would mean much-deserved recognition for Opera, I actually hope such a deal does not go through - for entirely selfish reasons.
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If they open source it....
by robojerk on Fri 25th May 2012 20:19 UTC
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I'm with Thom, that I strongly respect Opera and it would be sad if it was gobbled up by a large company.

I could stomach someone acquiring Opera if they open sourced it. It would at least allow a community to continue development if said corporation makes poor decisions.

With iOS, Window 8 (Metro), and MacOS becoming or already are walled gardens why would FB want to enter the browser market? Unless they're really planning to do a FB phone.

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