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Opera Software Pocket-lint has a rumour up that Facebook is interested in acquiring Opera to kickstart their own move into the browser market, to compete with Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft. While it would mean much-deserved recognition for Opera, I actually hope such a deal does not go through - for entirely selfish reasons.
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Very likely, yes. Most SLA's don't/can't cover a buyout since the terms of any potential buyout are unknown. If Opera was open source and provided a server package that would allow the end user to build their own server to perform computation for their mobile browser you might have a chance, but this would also require purchasing hardware and probably some rather extensive software configurations. Certainly no 'one size fits all' fix.

Exactly. It looks as though I'll be moving forward with OpenBravo ERP anyway, since it is much more robust that my cobbled-together database setup. It will also integrate nicely with the POS I put together for the physical storefront, which is based on OpenBravo's free POS offering.

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