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Google "What is interesting is that you can use the new system to play around and notice that Microsoft doesn't always seem to take down from its search engine, Bing, the same links that it orders Google to takedown." Funny, but since Microsoft outsources their takedown requests to a different company, most likely just a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.
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Um, duh?
by earksiinni on Sun 27th May 2012 20:25 UTC
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I had to reread the post and the article twice to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. Now that I am sure:

Um, duh?

Why would Microsoft remove links from its own search engine if it doesn't have to? The article mentions that Microsoft's DMCA requests aren't bogus, but suggesting that because they are valid that MS would make the same requests of Bing is simply a logical fallacy. How does one follow from the other? Especially when it is so blatantly obvious how it would be in their self-interest not to.

I just don't see what's "funny" or "curious" about this. I expected Thom's commentary to be something corporate-bashing; a little disappointed in his reasonableness ;-) (Just kiddin' with you, man.)

But seriously, enlighten me, someone?

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