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General Development FuriousFanBoys interviews Ben Goertzel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Ben started the OpenCog project (an open sourced AI non-profit), acts as an adviser to the Singularity University, and currently bounces back between Hong Kong and Maryland building in-game AI.
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RE[3]: Memetics
by zima on Mon 28th May 2012 06:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Memetics"
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But I would argue humans don't think like a human yet either. I've never met any people in significant numbers that uses the whole of human experience in their "intelligence". They mostly use a very rigid subset [...]
It brings up another question: why on earth would we consider an AI to be insufficient if it doesn't match a human? They exceed humans in many other tasks already.

I think people go even further - they tend to expect from an AI to beat exceptional human, maybe even "the best" one...

...while AI is really more about being better than average human, inexpensively mass-producing and distributing its expertise. That is sufficient to bring improvement to the world.

Sure, AI defeated chess world champion only in 1997 - but I suspect it could beat most humans quite a bit before that.
(heck, I remember that for me, then a small kid, some C64 chess program was a challenge ;) )

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