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General Development FuriousFanBoys interviews Ben Goertzel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Ben started the OpenCog project (an open sourced AI non-profit), acts as an adviser to the Singularity University, and currently bounces back between Hong Kong and Maryland building in-game AI.
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RE[11]: Cursing Computer
by kwan_e on Tue 29th May 2012 02:02 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Cursing Computer"
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I admit I can't disprove that we aren't part of a larger consciousness. However, that does in no way suggest that we are. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Sorry, I wasn't aware I was presenting a paper for publication in a journal. I thought this article, and the subject of AI in general, was about speculation.

I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize we weren't allowed to speculate and that you were the boss of (speculative) science discussions. I must report this to CERN, the NAS, Nature and Science and other scientific bodies at once. Did you know they were engaged in speculative research and publication without your knowledge?!!?!!?!! zOMG!?!

And, yes, I think that if something is not recognizable as a consciousness, then it is not a consciousness, for that is the only standard we can have.

In the recent past, white people did not recognize blacks as conscious or intelligent. And how correct they were, according to your criteria.

Hint: we don't HAVE a standard. We are not a standard. If we do have a standard, then it's clear, evidentially, that no human has ever met the full criteria of the ideal of consciousness.

Otherwise, you must accept the consciousness of a pebble.
Sure, a pebble possesses nothing that I would recognize as a consciousness, but that doesn't mean it's not conscious.

Good luck trying to prove a negative, Mr Science Boss.

Hint: the opposite of rejection is NOT acceptance. You entirely misunderstand what it means to be to reject something a priori and to put something in the undecidable pile. For you, they are obviously one and the same and completely not a scientific position.

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