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General Development FuriousFanBoys interviews Ben Goertzel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Ben started the OpenCog project (an open sourced AI non-profit), acts as an adviser to the Singularity University, and currently bounces back between Hong Kong and Maryland building in-game AI.
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RE[7]: Memetics
by JAlexoid on Tue 29th May 2012 06:11 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Memetics"
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Then how do you explain our "independent decision making" when neuroscientists can reproduce the experiment that allows them to predict a person's choice before it was made?

Not all choices are independent. These is also analytical and "spontaneous" decision making. I'm referring to the analytical part, not the spontaneous. People also share some essential "built-in logic"(aka instincts) that predefine even some very non-trivial decisions.
(I can't say much about neuroscience and am not familiar with that research you seem to be referring to. My knowledge in that area is limited to sleep and EEG)

Actually, the evidence is that we're quite bad at it. We match patterns where there is none often to detrimental effect. Pattern matching is probably something we'll see computers being a lot better at than us in the next 1000 years.

I didn't say that it wasn't detrimental. It is the best possible pattern matching engine. And the fact that we can find patterns where there are none is only proof that it's the ultimate.

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