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In the News "Two robbers have paid a visit to a house in south-eastern Australia, hours after a teenager posted a photo on Facebook of a large sum of cash. The masked men, armed with a knife and a club, struck the home of the 17-year-old girl's mother in the country town of Bundanoon on Thursday, police say. Her mother told the men her daughter no longer lived there. It is not clear how the robbers found the family address. The Facebook image was at the grandmother's Sydney house. The men searched the house and took a small amount of cash and a small number of personal objects before leaving. No-one was injured." Should I be laughing or crying?
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Both I think
by Spiron on Tue 29th May 2012 11:12 UTC
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There has always been a rule on the internet, don't post anything about your personal finances. This girl need to learn that rule AND why you should actually set Facebooks privacy settings. Meagre as they are, they still do the job to keep randoms from accessing the majority of you account.

And just to be pre-emptive of the hardliners out there that think that you shouldn't post anything personal on Facebook, while there is certain info that shouldn't be on facebook, like say your sexual fetish, a lot of personal data can be helpful to your own friends and people you know. Most personal data on facebook is fine if you actually use the privacy settings and only add people you actually know.

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