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In the News This topic comes up quite a lot on technology websites, but I generally try to steer clear from it as much as possible, since I'm not the one to talk about it (you know, with me being a man and all that), however, I feel it might be a good idea to just get my opinion out there and be done with it. The topic of women in IT is a hot-button issue, so let me just go out guns blazing: assuming women need special treatment, help, protection, and affirmative action is just as insulting and degrading as outright claiming women have no place in IT - maybe even more so.
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Women and IT
by twitterfire on Tue 29th May 2012 13:52 UTC
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There aren't many women in IT for the same reason there aren't many male nurses: not because they aren't capable but because they don't like it. There aren't many women auto mechanics or soldiers or fishermen (or should we say fisherwomen ?) or firefighters.

It isn't a bad or a good thing. If at some point some women would enjoy more being programmers than being teachers or doctors or journalists or whatever, they will become.

We shouldn't bring women forcefully into IT. We shouldn't militate for women into IT as we don't militate for more woman firefighers or more woman fishermen (or it is fisherwoman ?).

However, people who consider we should force women into IT roles should pray the Goddess, maybe She in Her infinite wisdom will grant their wishes ;) :D:D

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