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Legal Good news everyone! The Dutch parliament has just officially rejected ACTA. In addition, parliament has also accepted an additional motion which prohibits the government from signing similar agreements in the future. It was originally the plan to wait for the ACTA vote in the EU parliament, but a majority in the Dutch parliament felt that ACTA was too dangerous not to throw into the bin right away, EU vote or no. I'm not exactly sure what this means for ACTA as a whole, but it's my understanding that if one member state votes against ACTA - which we just did - it's effectively dead in the EU.
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Lucky you!
by kokara4a on Tue 29th May 2012 14:26 UTC
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Congratulations to the Dutch! However, this is just the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end. Even if ACTA is rejected at the European level some countries will likely introduce similar legislation under pressure from the USA. These will most likely be the newcomers to the EU. I live in such a country and there already are proposals for changes to the copyright laws which basically implement ACTA. Rough times ahead.

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