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Google "So the titanic showdown between Facebook and Google might not be the News Feed vs. Google+ after all. It might be Facebook Camera vs. Project Glass. It might, in fact, be pictures vs. vision." Sounds esoteric, but bear with author Robin Sloan, because I think he's clearly on to something. By extension, this.
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by Radio on Thu 31st May 2012 11:01 UTC in reply to "Meh"
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By "sharing a vision", does the author mean more crappy video with an unstable point of view that makes you feel ill in seconds ? ;)


More seriously, there is already a sample video taken from a project glass device, and guess what? It is very watchable. The head, as long as it is not weighted down too much by equipment, is a more stable support for a video device than one's arm and hand.

I expect first-person videos to become a new "standard" way to film sport, events, life. I think the tiny difference of POV - moving from a handheld camera to a head-attached one - is far more important and far-reaching in our psyche than many think it will be, and may be as important as the ubiquity of cameras nowadays. It is no accident that many scifi writers envisioned that one day, we could see what other people see - literaly, from their point of view, through artificial camera-eyes or through uploading your memories.

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