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General Development "In the last five years, LLVM has evolved from an academic project to the universal back-end of C, C++, and Objective C compilers. The key to its success is its performance and adaptability, both of which derive from its unique design and implementation."
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RE[5]: I know what we need
by Nelson on Thu 31st May 2012 17:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I know what we need"
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Sure, the WPF renderer even using DirectX is very naive compared to the one for Metro Style Apps, so a good OpenGL renderer can kick the pants off of the one in WPF.

The problem likely isn't that, the problem is that compared to WinRT and Silverlight, WPF is absolutely massive. The scope and breadth of that framework is almost overwhelming at times. It literally does everything, ever.

Reimplementing WPF is such a gargantuan task, and not really worth the effort. There was an incredible amount of good in WPF, but there was also a bunch of not so good.

If I were Miguel, and I really wanted to solve the Linux Desktop GUI problem (Because it really is a problem, GTK sucks and Qt isnt far behind), I would implement a lightweight UI stack on top of XAML technologies.

Take the lessons learned from Moonlight, strip out anything you don't need, and retune it from the Desktop.

They already have a high perf XAML parser with a really good renderer behind it. They're really, a lot of the way there. Just takes some determined hackers.

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