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Multimedia, AV Following our recent interview with the iPhone collage artist _meta_, a few readers asked for more such articles. So here's one on how to create your own such digital collages! Technically-speaking, digital collage, illustrations, and photo-montage are the same thing. It's just pictures or drawings put together in a single image, made look like a seamless, coherent piece. However, there are distinct differences in the way these are perceived and enjoyed, they essentially are different sub-genres.
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Thanks, but...
by gan17 on Fri 1st Jun 2012 13:55 UTC
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It's great work (imho) and I hope to see more from you (and other artists you discover) in future.

Alas, I know all these techniques you've written about. I'm not complaining or anything; it's just that when I saw the article, I thought it'd be some sort of follow up to the previous one showing how to do all this on your iDevice (or Android). Sure, the same theories/practices/techniques apply, but I was hoping for some sort of run-through of the mobile apps (as mentioned by _meta_ in previous article) one could use on a phone/slate, and whether they gave the user enough control and output at a decent enough quality.

Still, it's a nice read on the whole. Thanks for sharing again.

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