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Windows The Windows 8 release Preview has been released, so go out and get it, test it, and wax lyrically, or complain loudly. I'm installing it as we speak, so no word, thoughts, or impressions from me yet. Like it or hate it, at least have fun, folks.
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Fri 1st Jun 2012 14:11 UTC
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What I'd love to know is the about any of the under the hood changes being made at the lowest level - in Windows 7 for example GDI received some major TLC when it came to scalability, has that been taken a step further? with the improved memory and power manager - have some/all of the win32 API's had some tweaking to take advantage of those under the hood changes - I assume deep down in the kernel such as a move to a more tickless kernel etc. For me, Windows 8 looks perfectly ok as it is but my interest is more in the under the hood improvements given that they've done a pretty good job as far as I see in regards to user interface consistency (the new theme plus changes that will appear in RTM later).

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