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Windows The Windows 8 release Preview has been released, so go out and get it, test it, and wax lyrically, or complain loudly. I'm installing it as we speak, so no word, thoughts, or impressions from me yet. Like it or hate it, at least have fun, folks.
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RE[6]: Waste of plastic.
by malxau on Fri 1st Jun 2012 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Waste of plastic."
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Let's be clear here: You were never going to run Linux on your ARM Tablet anyway...It's because of drivers...

In the distant past, Linux had terrible driver support, but because people could contribute their own drivers, that all changed. Now you can put it on almost any PC. Okay, free graphics acceleration etc support lags the binary blobs, but it's amazing how much works. What's going on with ARM tablets is _preventing_ people from developing functional drivers, and preventing the situation from improving. It turns "never" from a figure of speech ("not yet") to an actual, real, "never."

I could believe in 1995 people saying we'd "never" run Linux in the way we do today due to drivers. Things change, assuming we let them.

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