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Internet Explorer Tabs
by Bustanut on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 10:54 UTC
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Does anyone find it confusing in regard to IE:
1) Have right click bring up a context menu; and/or,
2) right click in white space to bring up any open tabs plus the address bar.

I have found myself moving to the mouse to the top of the page before right clicking expecting the tab bar at the top to appear, but if doesn't because I haven't right clicked.

Why not just allow the mouse moved to the top bring up the tabs and address bar instead of right click *shrug*

Try this:

Open, grab and drag the settings menu to the left hand side of the screen and then open IE which will appear to the right of settings - I dig this for easy access.

However, if you try to swap back and forth expanding either window you have to double click on the thin horizontal separator bar between the two windows. Why not just double click on one side or the other to expand?

What I don't get is that it could be really usable system without ever needing to go back to the desktop app, but currently MS's mouse functionality reminds me of when Mr Burns ran into the crippled irishman. several times.

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