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Windows "Microsoft has been furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other software bits that could have made this new OS look and work like its predecessor. In fact, I've seen that several well-known UI hacks that worked fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are no longer functional in the coming Release Preview. And those with hopes that Microsoft would allow businesses, at least, to boot directly to the desktop should prepare for disappointment. That feature not only isn't happening, it's being removed from Windows Server 12 (Windows 8's stable mate) as well." When you buy a new machine later this year, you will use Metro, an environment wholly inferior, incomplete, and not at all ready to replace the traditional desktop in any way, shape, or form. Whether you like it or not.
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RE: He just doesn't like Metro
by bassbeast on Sun 3rd Jun 2012 06:44 UTC in reply to "He just doesn't like Metro"
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I'm sorry but you are wrong, and here is why: Vista was buuuuuugggggy! Oh lord was it buggy! I personally got bit by the "media playing slows network" bug which considering i like to have music playing was a show stopper, and the "Vista loses network shares" bug which considering I have a nettop I use for a file server that too was a show stopper. This is why I went back to XP X64 until Win 7 came out, which surprise! Didn't have any real show stoppers, at least for me.

As for Win 8 I've had a CP box set up in my shop for nearly a month and have YET to get a compliment by a customer, or find one that said they would buy Win 8. Win 7 frankly was an easy sale, even Vista wasn't hard until UAC started popping up constantly and irritating them, but Win 8's UI is just a mess. Everyone who tried it in the shop had a comment along the lines of "its a cell phone" which is pretty much Win 8 in a nutshell.

Finally what I find most telling is watch Sinofsky's conference talks on win 8 and count how many times the man says 'touchscreen". I quit counting at 30 on the last one I saw. tell me friend, do YOU have a touchscreen desktop and laptop? Even one or the other? I sure don't, in fact i actually don't know anyone that does. Last figures i saw had touchscreen X86 units at less than 4% of the market. Does MSFT and Sinofsky REALLY think that is gonna change between now and Oct? Again last numbers I saw had a 17 inch touch at $300 and a 27 inch at $275, does he REALLY think people would rather poke a 17 inch screen than have a 27 inch beauty?

Sorry friend but its a failwhale, its MSFT's Hail Mary pass to try to get into a mobile market that doesn't want them, because they seem to refuse to accept nobody runs Windows because they like MSFT, they run it for third party X86 programs that won't be on WinRT. Its gonna be DOA, mark my words.

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