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Windows So, I've been using the Windows 8 Release Preview since it came out, almost exclusively (except for work, since I'm obviously not going to rely on unfinished and untested software for that). I already knew I could get into Metro on my 11.6" ZenBook, but on my 24" desktop, things aren't looking as rosy. Here's an illustrated guide of the most pressing issues I run into, and five suggestions to address them. Instead of just complaining, let's get constructive.
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RE[2]: Unaddressed
by Nelson on Mon 4th Jun 2012 07:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Unaddressed"
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Just like Vista was going to herald the beginning of the end of Microsoft..dream on.

If Microsoft can break their dependency on slow moving businesses, then that's a proposition which would likely look very attractive to them. The key isn't to see where things are now, but where things are going.

Mobile growth is exploding, the form factors people use are changing, and the use cases around the devices are changing.

Microsoft makes 30% off of any paid app in the app store, that's up from 0% currently under Windows 7. The money is obviously in their consumer market.

Doesn't open up any opportunity for Linux particularly, because they have their own shit they need to get together, plus there's always Windows 7.

At least until Windows 9 comes, Microsoft has more breathing room, and is able to refine what is Windows 8 to fit businesses a little more naturally. By then I speculate that WinRT will be mature enough to fully replace Win32.

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