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Windows So, I've been using the Windows 8 Release Preview since it came out, almost exclusively (except for work, since I'm obviously not going to rely on unfinished and untested software for that). I already knew I could get into Metro on my 11.6" ZenBook, but on my 24" desktop, things aren't looking as rosy. Here's an illustrated guide of the most pressing issues I run into, and five suggestions to address them. Instead of just complaining, let's get constructive.
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RE[7]: Unaddressed
by ichi on Mon 4th Jun 2012 09:30 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Unaddressed"
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My point is, past is prologue. People are afraid of change, however trivial it might be.

True, but that reasoning also serves as excuse to dismiss complains about changes that are for the worse.

People complained about Aero Glass, before they complained about Luna. Then they complained about how DRM would end the world (Remember the fanatical FSF articles? Yeah, I cringe too.)

With 7 it was the new Taskbar and removal of the classic start menu. (Omg where are my program text labels, the lack of redundant information is killing me!)

Now people love the Taskbar, love Aero, love Windows 7. The same people who dogged Windows XP relentlessly for years, and Vista, and 7 at the time.

People will love Metro. I bet you in ten years, any tweak to Metro will be a travesty.

And you are again asuming that it's the same people that complained about those things that now love them, which would surely come handy to sweep aside all the critizism about Windows8 wasn't it because you are just making assumptions.

I've yet to find anyone in real life that "loves" Windows 7 anyway (or any other OS, for that matter). Maybe that's just a nerd thing, while the rest of the world just tries to get things done with whatever they have at hand, often wondering why they keep changing things just when they had managed to get used the last OS release.

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