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Windows So, I've been using the Windows 8 Release Preview since it came out, almost exclusively (except for work, since I'm obviously not going to rely on unfinished and untested software for that). I already knew I could get into Metro on my 11.6" ZenBook, but on my 24" desktop, things aren't looking as rosy. Here's an illustrated guide of the most pressing issues I run into, and five suggestions to address them. Instead of just complaining, let's get constructive.
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RE[2]: Comment by gmlongo
by bassbeast on Mon 4th Jun 2012 10:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by gmlongo"
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The easiest way to fix it is.....just don't use Windows 8!

Seriously why in the world are you going to all the trouble to run a cell phone OS on the desktop? its obvious that all MSFT cares about with Win 8 is wimpy little screens or it wouldn't be such a PITB to get it usable on large displays.

So do yourself a favor friend, join me and most of the business world (as well as all my customers) and just say NO! to Win 8. heck with Win 7 supported until 2020 you can skip win 8 AND Win 9 if MSFT doesn't come to their senses, But I have a feeling this is gonna be an MS Bob level of fail so I doubt we'll have long to wait until Win 9 goes back to a sensible desktop.

Many people laughed when I said "Vista is gonna flop" and that came true and I'm betting I'm right again, its just not an improvement over Win 7 unless you are running it on a smartphone and even there I don't think it has a prayer against Android and iOS.

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