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Windows Computex is going on right now, and as was to be expected, we're seeing a whole boatload ot Windows 8 tablets... But also a few crazy contraptions that have 'want' written all over them. My personal favourite? The Asus Taichi: a laptop with two screens (both on the inside and the outside of the lid) so you have a laptop as well as a tablet. I love crazy experimentation like this - sure, it may not always work or pan out, but this is how mankind progresses. What I'll most likely be buying later this this year: this thing (although I prefer a smaller version). I love my ZenBook, so a relatively conventional Asus Windows 8 tablet is perfect for me.
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RE: Looks nice
by vivainio on Mon 4th Jun 2012 18:52 UTC in reply to "Looks nice"
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Acer seems not willing to go the Arm way.

That, or WoA is not yet ready for prime time?

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