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Legal And thus, it ends. Despite a never-ending stream of doom and gloom from Oracle/Microsoft-funded 'pundits' regarding Google and Android (six hundred billion trillion gazillion eurodollars in damages!!1!), judge Alsup has just squashed all of Oracle's chances with a ruling that is good news for those of us who truly care about this wonderful industry: APIs are not copyrightable. Alsup: "To accept Oracle's claim would be to allow anyone to copyright one version of code to carry out a system of commands and thereby bar all others from writing their own different versions to carry out all or part of the same commands. No holding has ever endorsed such a sweeping proposition." Supreme Court, Ellison?
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RE[7]: APIs not copyrightable
by kwan_e on Tue 5th Jun 2012 01:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: APIs not copyrightable"
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it doesn't alter the fact that promises not to sue can't be withdrawn on a mere whim or without legal consequences.

And you quite missed my earlier point that a company like Microsoft can absorb the legal consquences and still leave everyone they "promised" in the gutter.

Have you seriously not understood that a large company can/has intimidate and just appeal until the smaller one gives up?

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