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Games The E3 is supposed to be all about gaming, but since you can only go so far with realistic renderings of bullets entering and exiting various body parts, Microsoft's keynote was more about expanding the Xbox ecosystem - with, among other things, Internet Explorer and SmartGlass. The latter is a service which allows you to use additional devices - tablets, smrtphones, PCs - as remote controls for your Xbox. IT goes much further than that though, while watching a TV show or a game, SmartGlass can show additional content (i.e., a map of Westeros while watching Game of Thrones), or pick up content where you left off. Pretty cool - and coming to iOS and Android as well, including the game integration. Yup, expect Office for iOS and Android to land soon.
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RE: This is good news
by bassbeast on Tue 5th Jun 2012 04:21 UTC in reply to "This is good news"
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Why not just go HTPC? You can buy an E350 kit REAL cheap from places like Newegg where all you do is pop in a RAM chip and whatever HDD you want in the thing and you don't even have to buy an OS as there is a build of OpenELEC built just for the fusion chips that gives you the XBMC 10 foot interface and support for most wireless controllers.

Personally my customers usually buy the Win 7 HP version and pair it with the excellent Lenovo mini-keyboard, it has a trackball built into the handle that is REALLY smooth and the new AMD drivers give you full codec support and hardware acceleration for just about every major format out there, from flash to DivX. And unlike the consoles they are fully upgradable, everything from bluetooth to TV tuners for recording and pausing live TV.

So while HTPCs used to be strictly geeker toys frankly there has never been a better time to have one, the E350 is very low power, you can buy kit or prebuilt with just about any combo you want and unlike the consoles you can run just about anything you imagine as well as games. heck you can find tons of Youtube videos of guys playing everything from L4D to Crysis on theirs, but for most of my customers its strictly a kicking media center.

That's why I don't care for the consoles for surfing, too restrictive. Once you've used an HTPC everything else just feels handicapped. Its a shame they are so insane about DRM, as the current gen of consoles has some really nice hardware, but once they move on to the next gen I have a feeling most will just be gathering dust in a closet somewhere.

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