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Google Yes, it's been a long road, but Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has achieved a major milestone. Just over half a year since it's been released, Google's latest Android version has crossed the all-important 7% installed base barrier. This is a major achievement for Android, so Google has reason to celebrate. I'm proud to be part of the 7.1%.
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Re: Do you realize what is involved?
by kurkosdr on Tue 5th Jun 2012 08:19 UTC
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People who WHINE *YES WHINE* about upgrades, and how long they take/took need to visit (and read) the developer sites where they are working on getting custom ICS ROMS (like Cyanogenmod) up and running on various hardware. Each and every phone is unique, and presents it's own challenges when porting over a new version of the OS. Things that worked just fine on one model phone might take a MONTH of meticulous debugging to find the root of a problem on another. There is a LOT of work that goes into an upgrade...either the official upgrades, or the custom ones created by the community of developers out there.

OK, first of all, let me say I own an Android, I want to see Android succeed etc

Also, sorry pal, but Microsoft has more-than-a-handfull devices to support with WP7 too, but all of them get upgraded generally smoothly (considerably more smoothly than Android for sure). Why? Because MS standardized the chips (CPU, GPU), radios, GPSes etc that OEMs can use. Sure, they did the mistake of limiting choice too much IMO (particularly when it comes to CPUs and GPUs), but the point is that limiting the supported chips to a select subset you know you can support, instead of letting OEMs use whatever they stumble upon, is a good thing. Google could use their Android certification procedures to enforce this.

Oh, and the reason we WHINE about Android upgrades is because we want things that work, and we want our 1GHz dual core phone we bought some months ago to be able to run all the latest apps, which means having the latest version. We are not whining just for the sake of whining (as you imply in your post), we are whining for a reason.

People who say "do you know how hard it is to upgrade all Android phones with all those different CPUs and GPUs" are like the Unix weenies of yesteryear who said "do you know how hard it is to make a program that runs in all Unixes". Fact is, people want things to work. They don't care why things don't work. If you don't give them what they want, they will go and buy Windows / Windows Phone. Get over it.

PS: And no, we don't want custom ROMs. We want official ROMs in time that work, like Windows Phone.

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