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Windows "Microsoft's Windows 8 will activate its built-in antivirus software only if it senses that the PC is not protected by another security program, according to AV vendor McAfee." That's one way to appease antivirus companies, I suppose.
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RE[2]: Hm?
by n4cer on Tue 5th Jun 2012 13:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Hm?"
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For example, I bet you've never seen MSE block a website that has malicious code on it have you? me neither, in fact on an XP test box I have at the shop i tried sites I knew had drivebys just to see if MSE would raise a fit and it wouldn't. It seems to be great for detecting downloaded bugs, but how many bugs these days come from downloading infected .exe files anyway?

On my work computer (running Windows 7), I've actually had MSSE block malicious javascript from running while I was looking for product info about a customer's Android phone. It also stopped a trojan dropper embedded in (or disguised as) an mp3 file.

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