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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If you're a Palm fan, you might want to look away - or not. Chris Ziegler has written a fantastic article on the short rise and eventual demise of webOS, and with it, Palm. I'm generally not a fan of companies, but I have my exceptions - and Palm is one of them. Correction - Palm was one of them.
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Excellent but Incomplete
by ricegf on Wed 6th Jun 2012 18:27 UTC
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The information in the article is fascinating, but doesn't cover quite a bit that I was hoping it would.

For example, when the Pre was first introduced, a major battle erupted with Apple over webOS's ability to play songs from iTunes. Apple finally won - but with its distributor relations strained by $0.99 universal pricing and such, I had expected Palm to cut a separate deal. None of this is mentioned in the article.

Also, the article mentioned that no PalmOS 6 devices were shipped - but doesn't address why not. Given its excellent multimedia capability (I presume, from its BeOS heritage), I'd love more detail on why not.

Much appreciated the info, but I'm still hungry for more.

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