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Windows One tiny thing I wanted to mention about Windows 8: ever noticed how context menus in Metro appear above the mouse cursor instead of underneath? I'm assuming this is done because of finger input (by opening above, your finger and hand doesn't cover the menu), but with a mouse, it's just plain weird. Fun little detail though - shows you how much thought has gone into the touch aspect of Windows 8.
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by btrimby on Wed 6th Jun 2012 19:50 UTC
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It appears to be sensitive to where you are on the screen.

If there is room on the screen to put them above the cursor, it does so. Otherwise it puts it below.

Just another example of messing with the way I do stuff, oh well.

For example, I never realized it until someone blocked the context menu on their website, but if I'm just browsing casually, I tend to primarily use the mouse. And I tend to do the following to go "Back" in a web browser: Right-click, Select "Back."

I can't seem to do this in Metro. Oh well. I have no plans to use Metro in the future except basic familiarity and to test.

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