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Windows One tiny thing I wanted to mention about Windows 8: ever noticed how context menus in Metro appear above the mouse cursor instead of underneath? I'm assuming this is done because of finger input (by opening above, your finger and hand doesn't cover the menu), but with a mouse, it's just plain weird. Fun little detail though - shows you how much thought has gone into the touch aspect of Windows 8.
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RE: They have a *plan*
by zima on Wed 6th Jun 2012 21:13 UTC in reply to "They have a *plan*"
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it is pretty clear that Microsoft does have a thoroughly worked out plan here (replace "plan" with "nefarious plot" for those so inclined, but it remains a rather fully realized plot). Most of the complaints some people have with Windows 8 are things that are clearly not mistakes or accidental omissions, but rather part of a strategy.

Perhaps they want to have a comprehensive software landscape, more or less ready to use when the display tech of MS Surface 2.0 will get inexpensive. And I can entertain the possibility that it (together with Metro 2.0 or 3.0) could be awesome, also for many "serious" usages - while other players will be stuck in 3+ decades old ~desktop paradigm.

And I suppose MS might think that it requires "forcing" devs and users a bit, so the apps will be there on time - high risk, but potentially high reward (and let's be honest here, enterprises or dissatisfied home users will mostly just stick to Win7 in the meantime)

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