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Windows "More than 100,000 applications have now been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace and new content is currently being added at the rate of 313 applications per day. At the time of writing, 100,145 applications have been published. Of these, 26,493 were added in the last three months and 9,391 were added in the last month. These applications come from just over 23,825 different publishers." Is there anybody out there who still places any value on these numbers, whether they be for Android, iOS, or WP7? Considering virtually all Android, iOS, and WP7 applications are useless, ugly, buggy crap (with only a few being somewhat tolerable - never actually good, because good software doesn't exist), I honestly don't really care. But hey, another check mark on the list of PR talking points.
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- compare ratings of the same apps

That would be be probably quite quickly manipulated by "fans" of each platform - or even also by armies of their active detractors (I don't think that getting some old device(s?), just to mess with the ratings, would be a stretch to them); a war, overall ;)
Maybe funny at first, but still a mess.

Actually, now I wonder - how many of filler apps were already submitted basically just to up the numbers of "darling" platform?

- count apps that propose somewhat unique approach ,

Who will determine what is unique? (plus, really, such valuation kinda promotes patenting of ideas)

- count apps (services in general) that are established in one ecosystem and and missing elsewhere.

Hard to not find equivalents to pretty much anything...

I don't think there's any easy way out of this mess; we didn't really figure it out on the PC side, before - but I guess just like on the PC, we'll mostly just have small dominating "core" group of apps and games.

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