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Windows One tiny thing I wanted to mention about Windows 8: ever noticed how context menus in Metro appear above the mouse cursor instead of underneath? I'm assuming this is done because of finger input (by opening above, your finger and hand doesn't cover the menu), but with a mouse, it's just plain weird. Fun little detail though - shows you how much thought has gone into the touch aspect of Windows 8.
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by cfgr on Wed 6th Jun 2012 21:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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- This is only for Metro Styled context menus. Win32 rendered ones are the same

You completely miss my point that Microsoft is pushing towards Metro everywhere.

- Metro Style guidelines dictate that most frequently used items are near the bottom (opposite of Win32)

That's the thing. It dictates stuff that's stupid from a workstation point of view. If they did it the smart way, they would just show the menu upside down above the event in "touchscreen mode", and show it normally in "classic mode". But support both modes.

- Metro Style guidelines dictate that a Context Menu contain no more than six (6) menu items.

Same thing. It's about Metro dictating things that are good for tablet use and utterly stupid for workstation use.

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