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Legal Five US carriers, nearly identical devices, millions and millions of pre-orders, virtually simultaneous launch - and that's just the US. The Galaxy SIII might be hideous, Samsung is still doing something right here. No surprise, then, that Apple has, once again, decided to compete in the court room instead of on the shelves: they're asking for a US import ban on the SIII [FOSS Patents link].
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innovation vs. litigation
by SonicMetalMan on Thu 7th Jun 2012 02:06 UTC
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I sincerely wish you could read this but I know you will not.

I have no particular love for Samsung handsets nor their Android releases, however your strong-armed patent and litigation tactics sicken me to the point that I WILL NEVER buy an Apple product. Ever. If you cannot compete fairly through innovation then I just do not need your products.

Microsoft, you are also in the same boat through the extortion tactics you use on the Android handset makers. Every day I wean myself further from Microsoft products. Windows 8 will never exist on any PC in my house. Linux and Android run my machines now and for the foreseeable future.

I hope that there are more OSnews readers that feel as I do and have joined the "rebellion". The rest of the masses just need only wake up and realize that they have choices that do not have to include either "offender".

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