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Legal Five US carriers, nearly identical devices, millions and millions of pre-orders, virtually simultaneous launch - and that's just the US. The Galaxy SIII might be hideous, Samsung is still doing something right here. No surprise, then, that Apple has, once again, decided to compete in the court room instead of on the shelves: they're asking for a US import ban on the SIII [FOSS Patents link].
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RE[2]: innovation vs. litigation
by Alfman on Thu 7th Jun 2012 04:40 UTC in reply to "RE: innovation vs. litigation"
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"To be honest, no matter what you do you're still financially supporting 'the bad guys.'"

The OP should stick to his principals but you are right too. It is very difficult to completely avoid Microsoft's monopoly.

You need professional accountants/lawyers/doctors/dentists/etc? Take a look at what they're running, it's always windows. Even if they don't need windows, it's usually the sole platform supported by the commercial apps they do need.

Windows is on embedded devices where there is no discernible evidence of it whatsoever. Though these are often given away by a BSOD. Some examples I have witnessed personally are: ATMs, arcade games, airport consoles, cable television guide channels, gasoline station consoles, cash registers.

The point being that some portion of what you spend will be making it's way into microsoft's account and there's very little one can do to control it.

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