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Microsoft Infoworld: "After years of battling Linux as a competitive threat, Microsoft is now offering Linux-based operating systems on its Windows Azure cloud service. The Linux services will go live on Azure at 4 a.m. EDT on Thursday. At that time, the Azure portal will offer a number of Linux distributions, including Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2, OpenSuse 12.01, CentOS 6.2 and Canonical Ubuntu 12.04. Azure users will be able to choose and deploy a Linux distribution from the Microsoft Windows Azure Image Gallery and be charged on an hourly pay-as-you-go basis." SmartGlass on iOS and Android, Office supposedly coming to iOS and Android, Linux on Azure... It's almost as if Microsoft finally got the memo that 'Windows everywhere' can't be a reality any longer.
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For Microsoft this is probably the smartest thing they could have done. Windows in the cloud is incredibly awkward and if they want people to use Azure they have to offer an alternative.

Yes, Windows in the "cloud" is incredibly awkward... which is why running Windows 8 with a Microsoft Passport instead of a traditional account feels so... wrong. Just as much as paying Microsoft to run Linux distributions in a VM on their "cloud" is.

Yes, fair enough, poor joke--but still, cloud ANYTHING sucks. Of course, that's just my opinion. And paying Microsoft to run a third-party OS that they slammed to hell and back with empty patent threats (and are now profiting off of these very threats) and called a "cancer" just seems like a joke.

Sure, it's their servers you're running it on, but everything else all added up just makes it seem... completely wrong. It's not that hard to download a virtual machine program and install the distro yourself... and you won't be restricted to the four that Microsoft has, for whatever reason after all their threats of Linux in general, decided to bless.

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