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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Bloomberg: "Microsoft, which has tightly controlled the number of ARM-based devices it is supporting at first to ensure quality, opted not to work with HTC after initial discussions with the company, said two people familiar with the matter. The world's largest software maker decided HTC didn't have the sales volume needed and had less tablet experience than some of the other vendors it could choose to work with for the first round of devices, the people said." HTC was the first company to build a Microsoft-powered smartphone. Now, they're not allowed to build Windows 8 tablets.
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Well two of the three Android phones I've owned were Motorola, and those two were the worst offenders. The first was the Motorola Cliq, which happened to be Motorola's first Android device, so it somewhat gets a pass. The last phone I've tried is the Motorola Admiral, released less than a year ago and supposedly a business phone through-and-through. Yet it is also plagued with stability issues. It's possible that it's the hardware in the case of the Cliq, as I've tried a couple of CM7 builds in the past and the instability was still present. As there are no alternate ROMs available for the Admiral yet, I can't say for sure on it.

And despite your juvenile, baiting comment, you should really check out the Motorola forums for both phones. I think your eyes will be opened and you won't be so quick to judge. I'm one of a horde of dissatisfied Motorola users who have had the exact same issues with both phones. As I said before, the Cliq gets a pass mostly because it was Motorola's first foray into Android, but they've had two years and over a dozen attempts at making better Android devices; they should have gotten it right by now.

It's not just a Motorola thing either, at least for me. The second Android phone I've used is the HTC-built MyTouch 4G. While it was a better phone by far than the other two, it also had stability issues, specifically when placing a call the dialer would often crash and send me back to the home screen. I had no problems sending texts as with the other two phones, but a day didn't go by without hearing "you never answered me" from someone who had sent me a text. I would then get the texts a day or so later. I never found this particular problem in the HTC forums but the dialer crashing was a common occurrence. Even the update to 2.3 didn't fix these issues, though it did help with Bluetooth A2DP and seemed to make the launcher a bit smoother.

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