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Legal Five US carriers, nearly identical devices, millions and millions of pre-orders, virtually simultaneous launch - and that's just the US. The Galaxy SIII might be hideous, Samsung is still doing something right here. No surprise, then, that Apple has, once again, decided to compete in the court room instead of on the shelves: they're asking for a US import ban on the SIII [FOSS Patents link].
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by Alfman on Thu 7th Jun 2012 14:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by Stephen!"
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"Somewhat ironic that a company that once advocated to 'Think Different' now tries to stifle choice."

I found it hypocritical that Job's repeatedly and explicitly promoted "choice" as an underdog, but he had no reservations about stifling it once he and apple had the opportunity.
"I gotta tell you, I use IE and I like it. So I think it's the best browser out there but you can make your own choice. But choice is good don't you think? So I choose to use to use IE.
"We have taken a look a browsers out there and apple has decided to make internet explorer it's default browser on the macintosh. Since we believe in choice...since we believe in choice we're going to be shipping other internet browsers as well on the macintosh and the user can of course change their default should they choose to."

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