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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Bloomberg: "Microsoft, which has tightly controlled the number of ARM-based devices it is supporting at first to ensure quality, opted not to work with HTC after initial discussions with the company, said two people familiar with the matter. The world's largest software maker decided HTC didn't have the sales volume needed and had less tablet experience than some of the other vendors it could choose to work with for the first round of devices, the people said." HTC was the first company to build a Microsoft-powered smartphone. Now, they're not allowed to build Windows 8 tablets.
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Why would they pour all that energy in a platform only three people and a cow have bought into?

Maybe because you heard that the company was also developing a platform that 300 million cows might soon be buying into?

Why did Fujitsu release a Windows Phone? Because they expected to sell a lot of Windows Phones? Or because the Japanese have the willingness -- that a certain Taiwanese company apparently does not -- to build a long-term business relationship, rather than thinking of every product as an independent decision?

Business goes through cycles -- and not just financial cycles. At some times, entrepreneurs rule. At other points, established companies dominate. Sometimes the fashion is to focus on "core competencies." Other times, the fashion is to "diversify." There was a time when the Japanese way was beating everyone else, and now it's out of fashion. But at some point, the business environment changes, and disadvantages turn into advantages.

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