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Legal So, the next venue of patent trolling has just been opened. Apple has patented - quite specifically - the wedge shape of the MacBook Air. Not the general design or impression, no - just the wedge shape. This is interesting, because that wedge shape? Hit prior art in 3.2 seconds: the Vaio x505 from 2004. A wedge-shaped, superthin (for its day) laptop - exactly what Apple's design patent claims the company has invented.
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I can say from my own experience with Vaio laptops is that, while the specs are top notch and the visual design is usually beautiful and unique, the hardware itself is often prone to failure. From failing SODIMM slots to cooling fans that seize up, to LCD inverters that burn out in a few months (fixed when the industry in general moved to LED backlighting), to keyboards that stop responding...

I've had to diagnose and/or repair every one of those issues on Sony laptops over the last eight or so years, the most recent being my sister's old VGN-CS215J that required a new cooling fan a week after it was out of warranty.

I realize that my view might be somewhat skewed as I obviously only work on laptops that need work, but with other brands it's almost always a software issue or damage directly caused by the owner, i.e. dropping a laptop on the corner which cracks the screen, or the cat getting on the keyboard and ripping keys off (thanks, Dad). With Sony devices it's almost always hardware failing prematurely.

All that said, when you have a Vaio running smoothly in front of you it's computing bliss!

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