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Games The E3 is supposed to be all about gaming, but since you can only go so far with realistic renderings of bullets entering and exiting various body parts, Microsoft's keynote was more about expanding the Xbox ecosystem - with, among other things, Internet Explorer and SmartGlass. The latter is a service which allows you to use additional devices - tablets, smrtphones, PCs - as remote controls for your Xbox. IT goes much further than that though, while watching a TV show or a game, SmartGlass can show additional content (i.e., a map of Westeros while watching Game of Thrones), or pick up content where you left off. Pretty cool - and coming to iOS and Android as well, including the game integration. Yup, expect Office for iOS and Android to land soon.
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by bassbeast on Fri 8th Jun 2012 06:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by ilovebeer"
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The problem with ION friend is this: Nvidia has already exited the chipset business so there won't be any updates to the hardware and who knows how long or how well they will continue to support the software now that they are already out of the market.

On the other hand not only are the AMD E series kits usually MUCH cheaper than the equivalent ION setup (currently Newegg has nice kits for AMD E350 starting at around $100, last i checked it was $60 more for an ION of equal power) but the E350 is an out of order CPU so MUCH faster for most day to day tasks than the Atom. you have to remember that you can't trust benchmarks unless they use GCC as the ICC to this day still runs the "cripple code" that will throw a non Intel chip X87 code instead of SSE enabled code paths.

Finally AMD with their latest update to the E series driver and codec pack have enabled acceleration for pretty much ALL the major formats, including Flash and DivX 5 whereas last i looked there was a much smaller set of codecs accelerated by the ION, and they have opened up their specs and hired devs to help the FOSS devs so its supported out of the box on many distros. if you want to use it as an HTPC OpenELEC has an XBMC based 10 foot UI and has a build just for Fusion.

Not saying ION isn't a good chip, just the opposite and if Nvidia wouldn't have had their access cut off by Intel (which i still haven't figured out why they haven't been investigated for antitrust after a move like that) the ION 3 would have probably been awesome, but if you buy it now you are buying a chip that is EOLed by its parent company and won't be getting nearly as much attention going forward for obvious reasons.

Its a shame, but Intel would rather not share sales for IGPs so that's pretty much the way it is.

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