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Google "Back in March, we began work on a Metro-style enabled desktop browser, a version of Chrome that will run in both the Metro and desktop environments of Windows 8 on x86. (Chrome won't run in WinRT, i.e. Windows 8 on ARM processors, as Microsoft is not allowing browsers other than Internet Explorer on the platform). If you're running the Release Preview of Windows 8, you'll be able to try Chrome in Metro mode in the next Chrome Dev channel release by setting it as your default browser." Metro-Chrome is just plain Chrome running in Metro, without a proper Metro UI at this point. They're working on that though, so this is really very early game. Good to know they're on it, though - I love me some WebKit.
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RE[2]: Comment by Gone fishing
by nt_jerkface on Fri 8th Jun 2012 11:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Gone fishing"
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It has to be enforced, it has to be the same across the platforms. Its why we're forced to use the start screen.

I don't see how you can reach this conclusion based on anything you said. I don't see how anyone can reach this conclusion at all.

Apple is the one making the most from mobile devices and they don't enforce a single interface. Google is making pennies from Android and yet Microsoft is going to risk losing billions from enterprise just so they can have a single interface? Does anyone actually think they can make up those losses?

This is as dumb as an idea as waffle house sticking thai food in its waffles just because it is popular. You're not going to get an increase in sales from all the people who eat thai food, you're going to lose a massive amount of sales from people who buy your waffles.

This plan will fail and people will keep buying iPads.

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