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Windows One tiny thing I wanted to mention about Windows 8: ever noticed how context menus in Metro appear above the mouse cursor instead of underneath? I'm assuming this is done because of finger input (by opening above, your finger and hand doesn't cover the menu), but with a mouse, it's just plain weird. Fun little detail though - shows you how much thought has gone into the touch aspect of Windows 8.
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RE: Its because
by edwdig on Sat 9th Jun 2012 00:53 UTC in reply to "Its because"
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That's only kinda true. They're all reported as pointer events, but the event parameters include a type field that lets you tell how it's handled.

The system also has some things that react different based on the input source. Button focus is handled a little differently based on input method. There's also the new holding feature - if you touch something and hold your finger on it, it'll trigger a help popup. That only happens with touch.

I really don't remember the instances off hand, but I know pen input has some unique quirks too.

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