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Hardware, Embedded Systems Two weeks ago, my grandmother passed away - the last grandparent I had left. As those of you with experience in dealing with deceased family members know, the funeral is only the start; the next part is taking care of the deceased's affairs, which includes going through all their belongings to determine what to do with them. I took care of my grandmother's extensive book collection, and while doing so, I hit something that fascinated me to no end: a six-volume Christian Encyclopaedia from 1956. In it, I found something I just had to share with OSNews.
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Hi (excuse for my poor english).

When you (and people) say "The Christians" or "The New Jews", and after you say things like "They use God as an excuse to say "We're loved, and you are hated". " it's not a problem about the religion or about the faith, but it's a problem about the people (as individual human).

It's like talking about killers (there are christians, muslims, atheists). Or talking about scientifics or inteligents.

There are a film from Bollywood called "My name is Khan" that provides for this situation.

The mother of Khan say him: "There are no *** and no muslims, there only have good people and bad people" (it's not the best film but it's a good one, you can saw that).

So the problem with the human race is when we confuse between honestity (good/bad) with our beliefs (beliefs I'm not refering to religion, like atehists are believers to their belief: no gods) and then we create perjudice to some groups of people.

With religion is the same, you can interpret or misinterpret the same way a mathematician or scientifics interpret or misinterpret theirs formulas. But the misinterpretation don't made us bad or good ones. It's only an individual problem. It's why there can be people that hate other people that don't are like us, because they have a problem perhaps of education, but I think it's not a problem about religion. The same way that a governor (independent about their religion) can make the war to other people even with fake proofs only for personal interests, There can be group of religious people doing the same.

A liked the entry because is talking about the history of the computers with a personal point of view, it was very interesting, and about the 50's!! I don't have anything as old as that to check about computers.

My condolance to yours.

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