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Hardware, Embedded Systems Two weeks ago, my grandmother passed away - the last grandparent I had left. As those of you with experience in dealing with deceased family members know, the funeral is only the start; the next part is taking care of the deceased's affairs, which includes going through all their belongings to determine what to do with them. I took care of my grandmother's extensive book collection, and while doing so, I hit something that fascinated me to no end: a six-volume Christian Encyclopaedia from 1956. In it, I found something I just had to share with OSNews.
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You know Thom
by allanregistos on Sat 9th Jun 2012 09:04 UTC
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As I was going through her books, I discovered this six-volume set of books, titled 'Christian Encyclopaedia', from 1956. Considering its title and year of publication, my prejudice took over and I assumed it'd just be lots of talk about Christianity's history, with science taking a back seat as soon as it contradicted with religion.

You know Thom, I just want you to have a quick lesson on theology and try to read historical proof how Christianity contributed to Science, instead of stereotyping them all because you've heard a priest raping a child, or Creationists tried to demolish evolution in schools. Christianity is more complex than that, you know, religion is not really the cause of all these conflicts, but basically the "HUMAN" behavior, and please do check your behaviour when talking to Christians.

It is very unfortunate that these days most of the anti-Christianity talks happened to be from uninformed people who knew nothing of Christian history whatsoever and judge Christians based on their prejudices. Christianity is more complex than that, and it takes a serious heart for anyone to know exactly "WHAT HAPPENED" in the past with regards to religion, conflict, sexuality etc.

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