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Morphos The MorphOS Team has announced the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.0. The release brings, among many other things, PowerBook support for 1.67GHz models, the CD / DVD authoring application Jalapeno, the FTP / SFTP client Transfer, an updated Odyssey Web Browser, new Reggae classes, the Reggae based music player Jukebox, and many other improvements. The update is free for the owners of MorphOS 2.x keyfiles. Moreover, older machines can now be registered at reduced prices.
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AMIGA legacy.
by sergio on Sat 9th Jun 2012 18:04 UTC in reply to "What's the appeal?"
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I think the 90% of MorphOS users are amigans or ex-amigans.

I use it for that reason myself, and from technical point of view I think MorphOS is the most advanced "amiga-like" OS out there.

However I use a SAM440ep with AmigaOS 4 as my main Amiga machine... I have MorphOS installed in my old PowerMac G4, but I don't use it so much.

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