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Hardware, Embedded Systems Two weeks ago, my grandmother passed away - the last grandparent I had left. As those of you with experience in dealing with deceased family members know, the funeral is only the start; the next part is taking care of the deceased's affairs, which includes going through all their belongings to determine what to do with them. I took care of my grandmother's extensive book collection, and while doing so, I hit something that fascinated me to no end: a six-volume Christian Encyclopaedia from 1956. In it, I found something I just had to share with OSNews.
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PS. Really, coining such poor taste neologisms like in your post, 3rdalbum, doesn't serve anything.

Merely using the word "Jew" is racist, even though I'm using it to describe a set of people whose beliefs seem to be similar to those of Jewish people, except probably a bit more extreme? Wow. I guess I've learnt my lesson.

Otherwise, your post seems a little difficult to follow.

Also, I'll just point out that the concept of "hell" in the Bible is obviously apocryphal and really describes what happened to an infected corpse during one of the Dark Ages or Middle Ages epidemics (was taken outside the city, placed in a large hole and burnt). Any references to hell were added in subsequent centuries. Obviously. As an earlier poster said, you can't treat the Bible as an encyclopedia; that's another difference between reasonable Christians and the New Jews.

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