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Google So, Google has made it very hard to install Chrome extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store - out of security concerns. In addition, they sprung this on users and extension developers without much consultation or consideration for their concerns. As always - understandable to protect users, but the handling has an almost Apple-like bluntness to it. Next up: how to jailbreak your browser?
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Side-loading can be re-enabled
by jasutton on Mon 11th Jun 2012 00:06 UTC
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According to the green-highlighted comment added in this commit...

You can re-enable side-loading by starting Chrome/Chromium with the "--enable-easy-off-store-extension-install" switch, and then drag-n-drop the *.crx file onto "chrome://extensions/".

I'd say this is a nice compromise. It still allows user freedom, while not opening up an easily-exploitable area for users to be duped by. This is pretty comparable to Android, which offers a checkbox to enable side-loading. This is no where near the Apple/iOS defective-by-design model, in which you have to exploit a bug in the OS in order to side-load.

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