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Windows "Microsoft recently extended 'It Just Works' compatibility for Visual Basic 6 applications through the full lifetime of Windows 8. Visual Basic 6 first shipped in 1998, so its apps will have at least 24 years of supported lifetime. Contrast that with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 (2002), which is incompatible with Windows 7 (2009)."
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RE[2]: kill -9 now...
by galvanash on Mon 11th Jun 2012 07:36 UTC in reply to "RE: kill -9 now..."
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It is NOT a "terrible language" just as an economy car isn't a terrible car if you don't try towing boats with it.

It was more like trying to pull a cargo trailer with scooter - but Honda didn't pretend their scooters could tow cargo, and scooter owners don't go around calling themselves truck drivers...

VB was really good for ONE job and ONE JOB ONLY and that was making GUI frontends to DBs, that's it, that's all. Frankly there is nothing, not .NET, not anything, that is easier or less memory hogging that will allow you to make good quick frontends to DBs which is why VB6 is still around.

Borland Delphi. The difference was you could actually write real programs in it once you moved on from the kiddy stuff, and you learned a fairly adequate language along the way that didn't cause permanent damage to your mental faculties.

Frankly I think programmers complain about VB so much because in a way it makes less required. there really isn't a point in hiring a full time programmer or paying a ton of money to a consultant to cook up some big bloated SQL monster when all you need is a simple front end to a DB and that is what VB excels at.

I'm all for tools to make things like this easy - just don't pretend they are general purpose programming languages, and don't call the people using them programmers... It is insulting to people who actually bother to learn the trade.

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